Will The Euros Create The Next Generation Of Footballers?

Umbro training gear - footballer

Whenever there is a large-scale cultural event, it has a big impact on young people, inspiring them to work hard so they too might take centre stage one day. 

Football tournaments, like the upcoming Euros 2024, are no different, and there could be a huge surge in children signing up to play football once the event comes to an end later this summer. 

The women’s 2022 achievement, winning the Euros 2022 against Germany, inspired lots of young females to get into the sport. 

In fact, Sport England Active Lives revealed that 777,000 girls played football in a formal setting during one week in 2022, compared with 669,000 in 2017/18, Sky Sports reported

The number of young women who were playing informally had also risen by 200,000 during this period. 

Following the Euros win, attendance at Women’s Super League matches increased by 200 per cent, with more people becoming interested in watching the ladies’ team play. 

The Lionesses great performance at the World Cup 2023, playing in the finals against Spain, has kept this momentum going, with girls all over the UK trying to emulate the success of their favourite team player, from Mary Earps or Ella Toone to Chloe Kelly or Leah Williamson. 

Now that the men’s Euros 2024 is able to kick off this Friday (June 14th), the tournament could have just as big an impact on boys’ interest in the team sport, encouraging more youngsters to join their local sides. 

In this case, football teams all over the country should stock up on Umbro training gear, as there could be more demand for kits come September, especially if England does well in the competition.