Training Bibs: Every Football Coach’s Unsung Secret Weapon

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If you’re a football coach, chances are you’re always looking for ways to make your training sessions as effective as possible to give your team the best chances of winning their games.

One way to do this is with the use of training bibs. Although we often take these wearable items for granted, they actually play a key role in practice sessions and not using them can put you at a serious disadvantage.

Here we’ll explain how using bibs can ensure your players get much more out of your training sessions.



Football training can be physically demanding with players required to cover large distances, which can be physically taxing. This is especially true on hot days, which makes it essential for players to wear breathable materials that provide proper ventilation. 

This is why the breathable nature of training bibs can become a lifesaver – perhaps even literally! These bibs ensure proper air circulation, preventing players from overheating during intense training sessions. 

As well as helping players stay safe, staying cool can also help them stay focused on the training session, which should help them put in a better performance on the field.


Helps Players Spot Teammates

While training, players need to be able to identify their teammates to pick out the right passes and avoid players from the opposing team. Without the ability to distinguish your own team from the opposition, this can make playing extremely difficult.   

By wearing different-coloured bibs, this makes it easy for players to know who’s who, which eliminates confusion and improves on-field communication.


Simplifies Organisation

In training, coaches will often split their teams into smaller groups for various training exercises. Bibs help to simplify this process as they help coaches quickly and easily split the players into groups.


No Need To Wash Kit

Training in the team’s matchday kit would mean washing it again which can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

Using bibs also eliminates the need to wash the kit each time your team trains, which extends their lifespan and saves money and time on washing.


Cost Effective

Training bibs are cheap, making them an ideal choice for clubs and schools on a tight budget. 

In fact, compared to purchasing multiple sets of football kits, bibs are significantly cheaper, so it shouldn’t set you back too much if you need to replace any that get lost or damaged.



Football training involves a lot of running, dribbling and quick turns. So the last thing any player needs is a heavy kit weighing them down!

Thankfully, training bibs help players avoid this. Their lightweight design means that players can run freely during their training sessions, and their slip-on style means they can be put on or taken off in seconds.

So that’s how bibs can benefit you and your players. If you’re looking for a way to make training easier, help your players stay warm and ensure they’re able to spot each other while performing drills or playing practice matches, training bibs tick all of these boxes and more.