The Rules Of The Game: Playing Football For The First Time

Kids Playing Football Outdoors. Group Of Anonymous Kids Kicking

If your child has started to take an interest in sport, they may have expressed a desire to join a football team and to play the greatest sport on earth. Football is the most popular sport in the world and many people enjoy watching and playing the game.

For a child, the rules of football may be confusing to begin with, therefore highlighting the key rules of the game before letting your child get stuck in is a great way to prepare them for the pitch and to ensure they know what is happening during the game.

First, the objective. Two teams compete to see who can score the most goals. The team who scores the most by the end of the game wins. This is simple enough and your child should pick this up relatively quickly.

The positions of football can be tricky to understand, however it is unlikely that your children will need to understand positions until they have become more accustomed to the game. TO start with, introduce them to the role of the goalkeeper.

Next, explain to them how goal scoring works. The ball is kicked into the opposite net, scoring a goal. A goal is only scored if the ball enters the net completely and cannot be scored if kicked into your own team’s net.

Most football games last for two 45 minute halves, however children’s games are likely to be much shorter than this.

You may wish to explain penalties, which may occur during their games. These occur when fouls are committed. The team who committed the foul gives a penalty to the opposing team, meaning they have the chance to score a goal due to the opposition’s mistake.

The more they play, the more they will learn and gradually over time your child will pick up more and more of the rules and intricacies of playing football.

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