Keep Up Football Skills As Season Ends

Football clubs are preparing to go on a break over the summer holidays, giving young players a chance to rest and return to the season fighting fit and eager to play. But that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your football kit entirely over the next few weeks, as there are many ways you can keep your skills up over the holidays.


  • Kick around the park

There is nothing easier than heading to the park with some mates and just a football, and a friendly kick-around can kill hours of a long, hot summer. You can have fun trying new footwork or arranging a five-a-side match with other people at the park.


  • Football camp

Holiday camps are great for two reasons – they give parents childcare so they can fit their work around the summer break, and they are great fun for kids. A football camp could be a great idea for budding players, as they get to spend several hours a day doing their favourite hobby. They also get the chance to learn from new coaches, helping them to develop skills they didn’t know they had.

What’s more, there is a greater chance of being spotted during the summer months, as this is when academy scouts are on the lookout for exceptional talent – and summer camps are often the first place they head to.


  • Practice shooting

If you have a goal in your garden, use it. Practice shooting as much as you can and perfect your aim. Get a friend or sibling to join in and take turns being the goalkeeper, so you can practice those skills too. You may find it helps ramp up the goals scored during next season’s matches.


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