At What Age Should Parents Enrol Kids In Football Training?

Group Of Children With Football Soccer Balls At Training Class.

Many parents who are football fans might want to get their kids playing as soon as they can walk, but when is the best time to give them their first footy kit to develop true talent as they grow older?

There are lots of toddler football classes available at the moment, so you might be tempted to enrol your little one at the first opportunity. While this will certainly build their interest in ball games, and could help them with simple techniques, such as kicking a ball, it will not be until they are older when they can master harder skills. 

Goal Coaching says children from the age of four are really able to develop football skills, but those younger than this rarely have the concentration or social skills required for training. 

By this age, they also have the motor skills to be able to kick, and they can learn to dribble, tackle and shoot. 

They also will not have to wait as long to be able to play in matches, with this competitive edge fuelling their interest in the sport, encouraging them to practise and take their training to another level. 

At this age, they are better able to physically and emotionally handle body contact that can often occur during games. 

Even so, if you want your little one to play as soon as possible, there is nothing wrong with this, as it will develop their gross motor skills, encourage them to stay physically fit, and help them associate the sport with having lots of fun. This will maintain their interest in it for longer, particularly once they begin to make friends in their classes. 

No matter what age, little ones starting their football journeys will feel more involved if they have their own junior football team kits.